The real-time inspection is mandatory for every industry. Rather you are buying material, machinery or any equipment. To be sure about its functioning, performance and condition, the inspection is the only way to check that. As whenever buyer and seller commit for certain purchase, they outline certain parameters in the material or equipment, that have to be purchased. If the purchase to be done locally, then it is very easy to inspect but in case if it has to come from different regions, then onsite inspection is a must. Not only this sometimes, but companies also need to verify about the facilities and property, that supplier has confirmed they possess. In this scenario, the onsite inspection is the only tool, to verify all the claims made by the supplier. The onsite inspections is not only done by visiting the site, there are certain step which is involved in the process. For instance;

  • Visiting the facility
  • Inspecting the machinery and equipment
  • Check for the other facilities like lab, storage etc
  • Scrutinizing the documents possessed by the supplier 
  • Evaluating business process and practices
  • Evaluation of staff and their competence
  • Further, the inspection can be added as per business needs

Usually, companies prefer to handle onsite inspection on their own. As this will give them first-hand feedback about the site. But there are many scenarios, where the third party can be hired to perform the same function. The scenarios where companies need to hire the third party are;

  • Inspection needs to be conducted in a different region or country. Sending company’s personnel will take a long time due to visa issue or it can be costly. It will be better to hire an accredited third party to conduct the inspection on the company’s behalf and submit their report. 
  • When there is a lack of in-house expert for the specific inspection. IN this scenario, the Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal or inspection agency can be hired who have expertise in the required field. 
  • Sometimes, it is better to get an independent opinion. The inspection agencies are the expert of the trade, so they have more updated processes and checklist for inspection. 
  • There are certain areas in the world, where it is not safe to travel due to many reasons like weather or security. To avoid any risk of staff, many companies opt for third party onsite inspection. 
  • Third inspections don\’t need to be for the supplier site. The regular third-party inspection of the company’s site is also necessary. It will help to get the feedback from the new source. Because some time in-house inspection become routine function and maybe there can be some gaps in it. With the help of third-party inspection, those gaps can be identified and you can be more assured. Usually, companies, take service of third-party inspection agencies for their sites, minimum once in a year. Even this inspection can be for any inhouse department like safety, production, utility etc.